Little Arrow Moor 24th August 2013 16:53hrs (30/2013)

Bute rescue 24th Aug 2013

2nd call out of the day and the weather hadn’t changed although it was a little cooler higher up.

A mother and young daughter had become separated from their main party and could not find a way down to the Walna Scar Road.

Again the SARLOC system identified a grid reference and two landrovers were deployed. One made its way along Walna Scar and the other drove up to the Bursting Stone Quarries. That team contoured above the quarries towards where the casualties had been located. They were soon in sight as being situated on Little Arrow Moor on the southerly slopes of the Old Man of Coniston. Both mother and daughter were unhurt, just a little anxious.  They were lead back to the landrover before being driven back to their vehicle.

15 members made themselves available for this incident. It only took 1 1/4hrs due to the closeness of and easy access to the location.

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