Old Man Breast

Incident 12 of 2022:-
01/05/2022, 14.53, Old Man Breast, SD271974
The dry days of April in the Lakes were replaced in May by very low cloud and rain. A family group had climbed the Old Man of Coniston and intended to descend via Goat’s Hawse and Goat’s Water. However, they descended south west from the top onto very steep and slippery ground, with large unfenced old quarries. Once lost, they wisely called for help and we were able to locate them using our phone find function.
Asking them to remain where they were, we despatched three Land Rovers and put 8 members onto the hill to help us find the frightened family quickly. In fact, the wind was very light and shouts were the way to locate them, which we soon did. We had to ascend a big scree bank with lots of wet slate to get to their position, and then decided to take them down another and safer way. We gave them dry jackets and gloves and led them out of the quarries. They were a bit surprised by the size of the quarry walls as they walked past. Once at the Base they were given warm drinks and sugary food before they went on their way.
11 volunteer team members attended for 2 hours and 37 minutes.