Old Man of Coniston

Incident number 6 of 2021:-
14/04/2021, 12.50, Old Man of Coniston, SD278982
A fine Spring day was marred for a lady who slipped and fell while descending the Old Man. She hit her head and was briefly unconscious, so her companion called for help. Cumbria Police passed the incident to us, and we despatched teams in our Land Rovers to drive as high as the tracks permitted, and then walked up to the casualty. She was assessed, given pain relief, put onto our stretcher and carried down the fell to one of our Land Rovers which can be converted into an ambulance. We then drove her down.
A Helimed from Great North Air Ambulance landed near the fell gate car park (G-NHAC), and their doctor decided that a land ambulance transfer to Furness General was sufficient. We transferred the casualty to the land ambulance which was back at our base.
18 volunteer members attended this incident, which took 2 hours 20 minutes.