Old Man of Coniston

Incident 20 of 2022:-
08/07/22, 17.42, Old Man of Coniston, SD272978
Although it was warm and sunny, clouds had rolled across the tops all day. A walker with a dog got lost in the cloud and called Cumbria Police. The walker was contacted by the Team Leader and he said he had found a path but didn’t know where he was. He had passed a waterfall and the reservoir, which he believed to be Levers Water, and was now on a ridge. He was told to stay where he was until we could locate him via the SARLOC System.
The link positioned the gentleman at the top of the Old Man. After speaking to him again, he advised us that had met up with some other walkers who had indicated the path down towards Low Water. We gave him further directions and then asked him to contact us once he was at Low Water.
After a while and since we were unable to make further contact, a vehicle left the Base with a few members to go and hopefully rendezvous with him. Following information from more walkers, a second Land Rover was sent to check the man’s car and then continue up Coppermines Valley to see if we could meet him. He was located not far from his car, safe and well, as was the dog. He hadn’t been able to communicate with us as he had no charge left on his mobile. This was his priority once back to the village.
10 team members attended this incident which took 2 hrs 5 mins.