Old Man of Coniston

Incident 34 of 2022
19/08/22, 22.35, Old Man of Coniston, SD284970
It was a cloudy evening when CUMPOL yet again asked us to respond to what appeared to be a red distress signal coming from the top of Coniston Old Man. The informant (a member of the public staying in accommodation in Coppermines Valley) saw a red flashing light on the ridge and acknowledged it with his torch. Since he then received a response, he worried it may be someone in distress and hence made the call.
A small party and two vehicles were deployed to investigate. They were split into two groups with the aim to R/V at Windy Gap. En route to Windy Gap a walker informed us they too had seen the red light, but there were other torch lights behind them. (These turned out to be the other team members). We all walked up to Low Water and scoured the area for tents with the aim of obtaining info. as to whether they had seen anyone camping on the top of the OM. However, there was nobody else in the vicinity, and no lights seen, even with high viz torch, so we descended back to Windy Gap. We justified this action thinking that if someone needed assistance they would have asked for it, and if camping, would have ensured their phones had sufficient battery life to see them through the night. We had not received any notification of missing persons either. Then one team, on their way to Fellgate, saw a strong torch to the right, on the slopes between the main tourist track and Bursting Stone Quarries. We parked up at Fellgate and observed the light which appeared to be moving down towards the car park. When the second vehicle arrived, four members went on foot to investigate, (really just to ascertain whether they had been on the top of the Old Man, and that they were not in need of any assistance), being directed by a member in the vehicle via radio. Two campers were located on Timley Knott, safe and well, and they confirmed they had been flashing the red torch from the top of the OM. After giving them some advice re. the use of torches, we left them, satisfied our help was not required.
We were accompanied once again by an assortment of amphibians!
Another example of someone with good intent.
6 members attended and the incident took 3 and 3/4hrs.