Old Man of Coniston

Incident 5 of 2023:-
15/02/23, 22.52. Coniston Old Man Breast, SD276980
It was a damp night when we were asked by CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) to search for a missing vulnerable young man.
His location was ascertained by using the Search & Rescue SARLOC system which put him off the main tourist track above Low Water. Initial contact was made and then maintained throughout the search to reassure the young man that we would soon be with him. The Team was split into three groups to ensure the area was well covered. Once on scene he was assessed, given warm clothing, a hot drink and a snack before being accompanied off the fell down to the Land Rovers at Windy Gap.
Once at the Base, warming was continued, and he was then left in the care of the Police to manage his welfare and return to his family.
13 members attended and the incident took 2 hrs 43 mins.