Old Man of Coniston

Incident 5 of 2024:-
09/01/24, 17.30, Old Man of Coniston, SD280977
It was a cold and windy day, with “feels-like” temperatures well below freezing on the tops. A couple and their dog were descending from the Old Man of Coniston on the east side, well off the main paths. It was taking longer than they had expected, and they became benighted on steep ground with quarries around them. Cumbria Police asked us to help, and we despatched two Land Rovers to the Bursting Stone quarry (as in incidents 3 and 4), and found them by their phone torches. They were escorted to our vehicles and driven to our base for a warm drink and a chat about winter walking in the fells.
13 volunteer team members attended, and the incident lasted 1 hour 30 minutes.