Old Man of Coniston

Incident 27 of 2020:-
28/08/2020, 14:27, Old Man of Coniston, SD273978
It was a cool and windy day in advance of the Bank Holiday weekend. We received a call from Cumbria Police about reports of a man running towards the summit of the Old Man looking distressed. All our three Land Rovers were despatched to search for him, and he was located on the path below Goat’s Water. He was followed at a distance as he descended towards Walna Scar car park.
One of our affiliated doctors, a trained negotiator, made contact with him, calmed him, and walked him down to the car park. His arm injuries were cleaned and dressed, and he was eventually cleared by medical teams who knew his history to proceed home.
16 volunteer team members attended, plus 3 from LAMRT and 7 from Cumbria Police, and the incident lasted around 3 hours.

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