Old Man of Coniston, east side

Incident 20 of 2024:-
08/04/24, 12.29, East side of Old Man of Coniston, SD274978
It was a grey and drizzly day, with a low cloud base. A family party had been to the top of the Old Man of Coniston and had just started their descent when a lady slipped and injured her wrist. She felt unable to walk, so her family called for help, and Cumbria Police contacted us. She began to feel a bit better after some first aid from her qualified family member, and was assisted slowly down the hill.
We despatched 3 Land Rovers in total to Bursting Stone quarry and walked up from there to meet the party. The lady was assessed, analgesia given, and she was well enough to be assisted down to our vehicles. We then drove her down to the family vehicle in the village, in which she was taken to Furness General Hospital for treatment.
15 volunteer team members attended this incident, which lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes.