Old Man of Coniston, south side

Incident 21 of 2024:-
08/04/24, 15.52, South side of Old Man of Coniston, SD275970
It was still a grey and drizzly day when we received our second callout. Another family group descending the south side of the Old Man had an accident, with a man slipping on rocks and injuring his ankle. The group called for help, and NorthWest Ambulance Service asked us to assist.
We despatched 3 Land Rovers in total to the rock step on the Walna Scar track, and walked up the hill to Little Arrow Moor where the casualty was located. He was assessed, pain relief given and the ankle splinted. We then transferred him onto our stretcher and began a descent which could not be described as easy. When off the rocks, we were able to mount the stretcher on our wheel, which makes progress a little lighter for the team.
Eventually, we arrived at our vehicles, and took him to our base. A family car came for him and he was driven to Furness General Hospital for further treatment.
12 volunteer team members attended this incident, which lasted for 3 hours and 25 minutes.