Incident 62 of 2023:-
04/12/23, 16.51, Outgate, near Hawkshead.
The evening remained damp but milder than of late. CUMPOL again rang the Team Leader asking if we would be willing to assist with another medical emergency. Unfortunately, an ambulance wasn’t available for many hours and wouldn’t have managed the narrow road to the property due to the snow conditions. The casualty was driven to Ambleside where his family would be able to take him to hospital.
On the way back to Base we were asked by a fellow team member just to check out another gentleman who wasn’t well at his place of work. He was assessed and advised to call NWAS as it was best he went to hospital to be checked over, just to be on the safe side.
4 members were involved and the incidents took a total of 3hrs 45 mins.