Peel Island

Incident 36 of 2023:-
20/07/23, 17.15, Peel Island, Coniston Water, SD295918
The Team Leader was asked to make contact with Wasdale MRT which had received a request from CUMPOL, to go to the aid of a swimmer who may have been in difficulty in Coniston Water. As this was in our area and we would have access to the Lake with the help of the Boating Centre, the incident was transferred to us.
It was a warm and breezy afternoon when the friend of the swimmer called for help as he was concerned for his safety. He had last seen him near Peel Island on the east side of the Lake. We made contact with the Boating Centre and they deployed a boat immediately. However, in the meantime, the swimmer had swum to shore and was safe and well. The Team was stood down before physical deployment. Various agencies had been involved but not required as there had not actually been a problem. However, the caller acted with good intent as the consequences, if he hadn’t, could have been totally different if there had indeed been a need for rescue.
6 members attended prior to the stand down and the incident took 15 minutes.