Prison Band / Swirl How 24th Oct 2014 14:36hrs 35/2014

Prison Band

The weather was cloudy, with showers and strong gusts. Further up it was very windy and visibility deteriorated as the mist settled. 

The Team was called out to assist a young man who had slipped two metres on the loose wet stony path whilst descending from Swirl How. He had turned over on to his leg injuring his knee and consequently unable to bear weight on it.

The first land rover was deployed to Levers Water where a team quickly set off up to Swirl Hawse, and then on to Prison Band. Due to the location and the subsequent difficult evacuation which may be necessary over such steep and rocky terrain, enquiries were made as to whether any air support was available. Fortunately a Royal Navy Rescue Helicopter was not too far away and was able to land two paramedics on the ridge plateau above Swirl How. They attended to the casualty whilst we were en route. In the meantime a second land rover had left the base with more team members. As soon as the stretcher was ready the casualty was made comfortable and then carried approx. 100 meters over the rock strewn fell side to the ridge. There was a short wait for the helicopter to return as it had left the scene to refuel. He was transferred to the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle. All rescue personnel, along with the casualty’s family who he had been walking with, then made their way back down to Levers Water.

In total 12 Team Members attended this call out which took just over 4 hours.

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