Raven Crag

Incident 33 of 2022
19/08/22, 11.02, Raven Crag, NY313004
On a pleasant summer’s day, a group who had scrambled up Raven Crag on Holme Fell saw one of its members slip and hurt his ankle. He was unable to weight-bear, hence the leader phoned Cumbria Police. We despatched two vehicles to the base of the crag, and ascended by a side path to avoid carrying all our kit up the grade 2 scramble. We located the casualty, assessed him, gave pain relief and splinted the ankle. We then carried him down to the road on our stretcher. We drove him and his party to their vehicle, and they departed for Furness General Hospital.
10 volunteer team members attended for 3 hours and 3 minutes.