Ravens Crag January 26th 2013 15:32hrs (2/2013)

Landi rescue 26.1.13

Just as the beautiful day was beginning to turn, and the rain starting to fall, we received a call out regarding two male walkers who had become crag fast above Levers Water.

Two landrovers were deployed up the snow covered Coppermines Valley and our snowchains needed to be fitted in order to allow us access as far as possible. A strong turn out of 15 members enabled us to split into Rescue 26.1.13groups because the two walkers were not exactly sure where they were, which therefore necessitated approaches into the area from different routes. Although vocal communication could be heard it was difficult to locate their position at first. Eventually two team members made visual contact and proceeded to climb up to the men via a gully and the task of getting them off the fell safely, began.

Due to their precarious position on the crags with the snow melting and conditions underfoot unstable, safety to both the team members and walkers was paramount. However with the use of ropes and belays they were assisted down to the lower slopes and eventually everyone made it thankfully back to the waiting landrovers ar Levers Water.

It had been dark and wet for nearly 3 hours and on arrival at the Rescue Base hot drinks and chocolate were well received.

The walkers had descended Brim Fell, but unfortunately were unable to find a safe route down once they had reached Raven Tor. They continued but became crag fast, neither being able to return up the crags or proceed any lower. Fortunately the two men were well equipped with clothing and footwear, including crampons, which meant that although cold, they were able to hang on to the rock and not become hypothermic during the incident. 

The call out took a total of nearly 4 1/2 hours because of the conditions.

Just a message for everyone who goes out in the snow conditions we have just experienced, an ice axe and crampons is a partnership just as important as a map and compass. 

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