Respect the Wild: Van Life

British Mountaineering  Council
Respect The Wild campaign: New Vanlife Video
As Britain looks forward to an end to lockdown, home-grown adventure is set to explode this summer. To help everyone Respect The Wild, the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) has launched a new series of advice codes and films that reveal the secrets for sustainable and successful wilderness trips.

The BMC have produced expert advice on how to wild camp, how to stay in your campervan and the art of the wild poo. Each advice code is backed up by a new film. With foreign travel limited and restrictions in place for another few weeks, many of us are looking to hit the road for a UK staycation this summer. But how do you make sure your vanlife dream doesn’t become someone else’s nightmare? In the latest video in the BMC series Respect The Wild: van life professional climber Robbie Phillips explains how to stay low profile when you park up.