River Esk area

Incident 63 of 2021:-
30/12/21, 08.47hrs, River Esk area, NY228036
It was a misty and damp but mild morning. A Silver Alert came at 06.57 asking for availability to assist Wasdale MRT search for a father and young son. They had been missing since yesterday. The Team Leader organised a party of four to stand by in case we were needed.
The actual request for help came at 08.47 and consequently these four members and one vehicle left the Base shortly afterwards. The area we were tasked to search was the east side of the River Esk. At Lingcove Bridge, the party split into two to cover more ground, heading north. It then transpired that the father and son had been found safe and well and we thus turned back.
4 members attended (an additional two were searching a different area with a search dog) and it took just under 7 hours from the initial standby alert and just under 5 hours from the call for assistance.