Greenburn 13th April 13:52hrs 13/2016


The weather was damp underfoot and rain lingering in the air, though some tops of the fells could be seen through the clearing clag. 

The team were called upon to help a walker whom had slipped on grass and injured his ankle.

We were able to ascertain the exact location of the walker using Sarloc (which is a text message we send to the stranded parties phone which when followed marks a spot on our mapping system). A full team callout was initiated and two team vehicles left the base to attend the incident.

We were able to drive to the incident in our land rovers. The casualty was given pain relief while his ankle was inspected and splinted. Then he was placed on the stretcher and moved in to our vehicle for the descent down the track to the waiting ambulance.

A total of 11 members took part in this rescue which took 2 1/2 hrs.


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