Saddlestone Quarries 5th November 2014 17:07hrs 38/2014


It was a clear, dry evening and we enjoyed the light of the full moon.

The team was called to the assistance of a female walker. She had been taking photographs whilst wandering amongst one of the many disused quarries which are nestled on the lower slopes of Coniston Old Man. She slipped on wet grass and injured her ankle to the extent she was unable to continue walking.

The first land rover was deployed with the first aid equipment and stretcher, and the second set off with more personnel soon afterwards. Once located, the casualty was made warm and given pain relief whilst her ankle was splinted. She had a possible fracture. Her dog was looked after by other team members. The lady was then stretchered down from the quarries to the land rover. On return to base she was handed over to the paramedics from the ambulance for her onward journey to Furness General Hospital.

A total of 15 Team personnel attended this incident which took just over 2 hours 30 mins.


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