Sam Bottom

Incident 66 of 2023:-
31/12/23, 15.41, Sam Bottom, NY280003
Another poor day for walking, with more low cloud and rain. Cumbria Police were called by a couple who were unsure of their position as darkness fell. The police system gave a call location in the valley between Sam Bottom and Swirl Hawse, above Levers Water. No further communication had been possible after the initial call.
Two Land Rovers were despatched but on their way up the Coppermines Valley near the Youth Hostel, they actually came across the party. The couple had self rescued and explained they’d had problems trying to contact us. So the vehicles returned to the Base.
Please can we just ask that if people need to contact the emergency services for help, that they do their utmost to keep communication open so that updates can be relayed to both eg. Mountain Rescue and yourselves. This will ensure the most appropriate action can be taken safely and effectively. Thank you.
13 members attended this incident for 1 hour.