SARDA Teams take to the Hills..


SARDA Teams take to the Hills…..

The two Coniston SARDA handlers took part in a graded dog exercise on Sunday 1st September 2013. There were 7 graded dog teams and one trainee team.

Bute SARDA training low res

The handlers were given the scenario that three people had left their vehicle on the Friday night near to Gatescarth Pass and  had left a note stating that they would return on the Saturday afternoon.

On not returning back to their vehicle and no family members contacted stating that they were safe and well a search commenced on the Sunday morning.

A route card was left but what was not known to the the handlers was that all three missing persons had fallen out and had slpit up…. not a helpfull development!!

The search took four hours to complete and all persons were located, one having sustained a a broken ankle and suffering from hypothermia.


  ….. and does this typify what SARDA is all about……… written by one of Conistons own SARDA handlers….

“Away,away,away” I say

At the start of our testing day

I send him of to search on high

Nose to the ground and tail to the sky

Off he speeds, I watch him go

The hiding place he seems to know

He zigs and zags across the fell

And tries to catch that subtle smell

He’s leaving me to follow after

Like I’m the dog and he’s the master!

But whose nose is better his or mine?

So I’m not to whinge and whine

Onward I hurry he’s gone from sight

Is that him or a trick of light?

Yes, there he is, he’s just a speck

I strain my eyes and crane my neck

“Away, away, AWAY! I shout

He’s lost the scent and begins to doubt

But if he’ll just look back at me

I’ll point the way he needs to be

Good boy, Good boy! He used his brain

Well spent those hours we used to train

Were back on track and looking good

The watcher smiles from where he’s stood

His clipboard raised with pen in hand

The SARDA man surveys the land

He’ll wait and watch with keen interest

To note the outcome of this test

Come on boy! Don’t let me down

Find the body upon the ground

Is that a bark I think I hear?

Yes! A bark! I give a cheer!

And as I reach my good dog’s side

I can not help but feel pride

A deed so great, reward so small

A hug a pat, a squeaky ball

But later as I contemplate

What could have been the body’s fate

I’m proud to fulfilled a dream

And joined the Lakeland SARDA team