Incident 14 of 2024:-
29/02/24, 03.10, Piers Gill, Scafell, Approx. NY211083
The Team Leader was woken up during the early hours of the morning by a request from Wasdale, MRT asking for assistance with a prolonged search for a missing walker from the day before.
The gentleman had been walking up Scafell and not returned. A number of LDSAMRA Teams, including Coniston, sent members to help with this search, starting early to take advantage of the daylight and fairly dry conditions, before the weather turned. Fortunately he was found that morning, having survived a fall down the Gill and sustained mainly lower leg injuries. HM Coastguard and GNAA helicopters were also involved.
2 members attended to this incident, which took a total of 14 hrs from the initial request to the arrival back at the Coniston Base.