Stang End

Incident 8 of 2024:-
19/01/24, 01:35, Stang End Road NY329022
It was another beautiful clear but very cold night when a couple decided to go for a drive towards Cathedral Quarry in Little Langdale after their work shift had finished. They crossed a patch of ice on the minor road leading to the Quarry, and decided it was probably unwise to continue so turned around and tried to retrace their route. Their car couldn’t make it back across the ice patch which was on a hill.
Unable to raise any friends or family at such an ungodly hour, they rang Cumpol (Cumbria Police) for assistance. Cumpol asked our neighbouring Team, Langdale -Ambleside MRT if they could go and assist, on investigation they managed to get a location via the PhoneFind technology we use and realised it was actually in Coniston’s area so passed it over.
We sent one vehicle with a crew to see what we could do to help. As the vehicle wasn’t blocking the road, we decided to get the two people back to our base to warm up and then get them to their other vehicle so they could get home and sort recovery of the stranded vehicle later, which is what we did. As there were no taxis available, we dropped them at their second vehicle to sort themselves from there.
No doubt there were a few lessons learned from this little escapade, thankfully the only injuries were to pride!
4 members; 2 hrs 6 minutes