Sunny Bank, Torver

Incident 43 of 2022
27/09/22, 14.01, Sunny Bank, Torver, SD293930
The afternoon had turned out warm and sunny, but with a cool breeze on the tops.
We were called out by CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) to go to the assistance of a gentleman who had slipped on the lakeside path just beyond Sunny Bank, near Torver. He had been walking with his wife and dog when he fell off the track and down into some gorse, which thankfully broke the fall. Passers-by were able to help him back onto the path, but he was quite shaken and at that point unable to continue.
Two vehicles were deployed and one Team Member was able to make his own way there via boat. The casualty was assessed and apart from a minor exacerbation of an old shoulder injury, no other health issues were found. The gentleman was able to walk with a little support from team members, and was feeling much better by the time he reached his car. He was given a medical advice for the following 24 hours and deemed well enough to return to their accommodation.
We would like to thank the people who had stopped to help him and his wife.
8 Team Personnel attended this incident which took 1 hour 50 mins.