Swirl How

Incident 48 of 2022
21/10/22, 14.11, Swirl How, NY272005
It was a low-cloud day with intermittent rain. Two walkers had completed the Old Man of Coniston in cloud, and then followed the ridge north using their map. They passed the exit at Levers Hause with the idea to descend Prison Band, but became disoriented in the cloud after Great How and phoned for help. Cumbria Police alerted us, but we were unable to locate their phone, possibly because it had its ‘location services’ switched off.
While we were talking to them on the phone, two walkers passed them who did know their location as Swirl How, so we asked them to assist the callers down Levers Hause. We despatched two Land Rovers up to Levers Water dam, and three of us walked up to meet them half-way down from the Hause. All were transported back to our base to warm up. The team thanks the couple who helped at Swirl How, saving us time searching the fell.
6 volunteer team members attended this incident, which lasted for 2 hours and 50 minutes.