Swirl How

Incident 28 of 2021:-
11/08/2021, 20.02, Swirl How, NY273006

It had been a wet and cloudy afternoon. Two walkers became disorientated in the mist on the main Coniston ridge and called for help. They thought that they were on the Old Man of Coniston, but Cumbria Police location references placed them on Swirl How. We were unable to get through to them on the phone, so despatched teams in three directions to ensure that we would find them. They were found at the summit of Swirl How, given some dry warm clothing, and then escorted down. Once at the Base they had warm drinks and food before they set off back to their accommodation.
16 members attended this incident, which lasted 5 hours and 30 minutes, ending at 1.30am.