Tarn Hows 23rd April 20:28hrs 16/2016


The weather was clear and dry.

The team were contacted by Cumbria Police to see if we were able to go and check on a possible sighting of a suspicious partly submerged object at Tarn Hows. Three team members drove up to the tarn to take a closer look at a possible sighting of human remains.

On arrival it was getting dark and the poor light made it difficult to ascertain whether it was as it appeared to be in the pictures. Therefore the police were contacted and told that further investigation would be carried out at first light.

Two team members returned to the scene at 7am the next morning at located the area where the picture had been taken and found a partially submerged branch of a tree.

The police were notified of the discovery and no further action was required.

A total of 3 team members attended the incident which lasted too long.