Tarn Hows 9th June 13:32hrs 24/2016


It was warm and sunny on the fells. The team were contacted by NWAS to an incident on the northern path that runs around Tarn Hows. A lady had slipped and badly broken her wrist.

A full team call out was initiated. As soon as five people made it to the base the first land rover set off under blue lights to the scene.

On the way we met up with the ambulance which had already been dispatched. On arrival at Tarn Hows the paramedics got in to our vehicle with their medical kit and we all made our way to the scene.

On arrival the casualty was in a lot of pain so pain relief was administered while her wrist was splinted. Due to the administration of pain relief it was decided to put the lady on the stretcher. The stretcher was then placed in the vehicle with the paramedic and the Land Rover set off back to the ambulance.

When we had all made it back up to the top, the casualty was transferred to the ambulance for her onward journey to Furness General Hospital. 

In total 8 team members attended this call out which lasted 1 3/4 hours.


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