Torver Back Common 16th June 16:52hrs 25/2016

Torver back common

The weather was humid with a heavy chance of a downpour.

The team were contacted by NWAS concerning a lady who had fallen and badly injured her ankle. The lady and her husband had been descending a path from Torver down to the lake shore where she slipped and injured her ankle and therefore was no longer mobile.

The team leaders initiated a full team call out. Once the casualty location had been confirmed. It was decided that it would be easier to walk up to the casualty and then stretcher her downhill to the Land Rover. This meant we could drive a long the lakeshore for some distance before we had to get out and walk. The first land rover left the base and made there way along the track.

On leaving the Land Rover the casualty was soon located and her ankle was splinted and Entonox was administered for her pain. The second team arrived on scene and the casualty was then place on the stretcher for her downward journey to the Land Rover.

Our team vehicle took the patient back along the track where we met up with the NWAS ambulance where she was then handed over for journey to Furness General.

This call out lasted 2hrs and 13 team members attended. 


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