Dow Crag 22nd June 12:19hrs 27/2016


It was a beautiful day, very warm with a cooling breeze further up the slopes.

The team were alerted by CUMPOL to an incident on Dow Crag. It was reported that a lady had fallen and had a head and wrist injury. The report also said that her and her partner were directly above the stretcher box which put them on C Buttress.

It was quickly decided by the Leadership that the Coastguard should be contacted to see if they could help with this rescue. It was also thought prudent to contact our neighbours Dudden and Furness MRT for there assistance due to the nature of the incident.

The team set off in the Land Rovers and had organised with DFMRT to meet on the fell. Initially DFMRT were to come over the Walna Scar from Seathwaite that changed to them coming in from our direction.

The team ascended to the incident with first aid, cas bag, ropes and the crag sack. Stretchers and vacuum mattress were also taken. On approach we could see the casualty and her partner in their shelter blankets at the foot of Giants Crawl which is in B Buttress.

As we ascended the scree to the incident the Coastguard attended the scene in there S92. While the helicopter lowered there paramedic the team maintained their position on the scree slopes as moving under the down draft could be dangerous. As soon as the helicopter had moved back from the scene the team carried on up to the casualty site.

On arrival the lady was being treated for her injuries by the helicopter paramedic and our first aiders. DFMRT had arrived at Goats Water and were waiting with the other half of our team.

After the casualty had undergone treatment it was decided that she would be winched in to the helicopter and flown to Furness General Hospital for further assistance.

The team helped the casualty down the slope with the helicopter paramedic into a suitable position to be winched. Strops were put around the casualty and 2 members of our team operated the high line to stop the paramedic and casualty spinning while they were being winched.

Once on board, the helicopter left the scene for the journey to hospital and our team made there way down the slopes with all our equipment and the high line that had been left by the helicopter.

All the team returned to the base where we had an informal debrief with DFMRT.

In total 13 team members from Coniston MRT and 11 team members from Dudden and Furness MRT attended this incident that lasted 3 1/2 hours.