Tranearth Climbing Huts 2nd July 09:50hrs 32/2016


The team were contacted by NWAS to an incident at Tranearth climbing hut to a male who was unable to move and was in a lot of pain.

A full team call out was made and two Land Rover’s left the base to drive to the hut, which is situated between Torver and the Walna Scar road. On the way to the incident we picked up a paramedic from the ambulance service and he informed us that a helimed crew were also attending.

On arrival at Tranearth we found the casualty standing upright and it was clear he was in a lot of discomfort. The male had fallen badly the previous evening and was now not able to move and had severe pain in his back.

The casualty was given pain relief and was placed upright into the vacuum mattress so he could be held securely while he was laid down where he was given some more pain relief. The vacuum mattress was repackaged around the casualty and he was placed on a stretcher and put in the back of one of our vehicles for his journey back down the track to the waiting ambulance.

The casualty was transferred to the ambulance and he was taken to Furness General Hospital in Barrow.

In total 7 team members attended this incident which lasted just over 2 hours.


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