Walna Scar Road 20th July 09:42hrs 34/2016


The weather was foul, heavy rain and intense thunder and lightning storms were covering the fells.

The team were contacted by CUMPOL to deal with a group of 7 Duke of Edinburgh females who were near the top of the Walna Scar Road heading for Seathwaite. The group were in a terrible position with lightning striking there immediate area.

It was decided that 3 team members would take 2 vehicles as far as they could up the track. And then set off on foot to escort the party down.

On arrival at fell gate we could see that the weather was clearing. The group were contacted and told to start to descend towards Coniston. 

The 3 team members met the group just passed the blind tarn mines. The group were well but obviously shaken.

Team members escorted the girls back to the vehicles and then took them back to our base for warm drinks and to rendezvous with there teachers. 

It could have been a very serious incident and the girls were very lucky. Would we have been called an hour earlier it would have been difficult to deploy the team for our personal safety. 

In total 7 team members attended this rescue which lasted 4 1/2 hours.


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