Beacon Tarn 18th August 2016 13:42hrs 39/2016


The weather was warm and sunny with cloud free summits.

The team were contacted initially by DFMRT (Dudden and Furness Mountain Rescue Team) who had been informed by CUMPOL of an incident north of Beacon Tarn. One of DFMRT leaders transferred the log to Coniston MRT as the incident was in our area.

A young lady had slipped badly injuring her ankle on her descent of the main path from Beacon Tarn back towards Brown How car park.

A full team call out was made and two vehicles left the base to attend the incident. Once at Brown How the vehicles ascended the single track road towards Stable Harvey Farm. At the start of the footpath the team left the vehicles with first aid and stretchers.

We were soon on scene with the young lady and she was given pain relief while her ankle was checked and then splinted. She was placed in the cas bag and then onto the stretcher for her journey back to our vehicles.

We all returned back to our base where the casualty was transferred in to the care of NWAS for her onward journey to hospital.

In total 9 team members from Coniston MRT attended this rescue with the help of one of the team members friends and the leader from DFMRT who was currently in the village at the time.

The call out lasted just over 2 hours.

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