Wetherlam Edge 2nd October 2016 15:30hrs 47/2016


It was a beautiful day as is often the case at this time of the year.

The team was alerted by CUMPOL to an incident involving a young man who had become cragfast while descending Wetherlam towards Langdale.

A full call out was initiated and two search teams set off to find and help this individual. One team ascended Black Sail to search the Greenburn side of Wetherlam, while the other team set off from Tilberthwaite to search the edge itself. The only information that was given was that the individual was on the part of Wetherlam where the Sun was not shining.

The individual was soon located and helped back on to the main path and escorted back to the vehicles at Tilberthwaite. There were no injuries, he was just cold and a little shaken.

We all enjoyed a beautiful walk down in the setting sun.

This incident involved 15 team members and lasted 4 hours

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