Levers Hawse 4th November 2016 12:15hrs 50/2016


The weather was showery and had been wintery in nature on the tops.

The team had been contacted by CUMPOL to an incident at Levers Hawse where a female had slipped and injured her wrist and was feeling dizzy.

A full team call out was initiated. Due to the time of day and the availability of members the Team Leader contacted Duddon and Furness MRT (DFMRT) for there assistance in case a stretcher carry was required.

The first vehicle set off for Levers Water Dam where the team would start there ascent to the Hawse. On arrival on scene the casualty was warmed with the cas bag and shelter while her injuries were assessed. She was soon treated and once stable she was quite happy to descend on foot.

On descent the team and the casualty met up with the other members of Coniston MRT and the members from DFMRT.

We all descended the fell together and returned to our vehicles for the short journey back to base for warm drinks and biscuits.

In total 9 members from Coniston MRT and 10 from Duddon and Furness MRT attended this call out which lasted just over 3 1/4 hours


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