Dow Crag 24th May 2017, 14:58hrs 14/2017


It had been a beautiful day in Coniston however a huge bank of cloud had rolled in covering the tops.

We were contacted by CUMPOL to an incident near Dow Crag. Two walkers had become disoriented in the mist. It was first thought that it was just simply walkers lost in mist so a Sarloc message was sent to them to provide us with there location.

 It soon transpired after making contact with the two males that they were not walkers but climbers. They had ascended a climb called ‘C’ Ordinary which climbs Dow Crag from its lowest point and terminates at Easy Terrace. On reaching the terminus of the climb they were unable to locate the descent route.

A full team call out was initiated and the team ascended the screes of Dow Crag. Two members of the team climbed up to easy terrace to locate the crag-fast climbers. They were soon located and helped off the crag.

This rescue lasted just over 4 hours and involved 10 members of the team.