Yew Dale Fells 29th June 2017, 15:04hrs 21/2017


After a damp start the weather was easing and the cloud base had risen though the tops were still covered.

The team were contacted by CUMPOL (Cumbria Police) to an incident involving a Duke of Edinburgh member who was unable to continue due to injury.

A full call out was initiated and two vehicles left the base. At first it was unclear as to where the party were as they had failed to reach there meeting point some hours earlier. We were told that they should have walked over Hole Rake and then down to Tilberthwaite though they had not arrived.

One party set off from Hole Rake and the other from Tilberthwaite hoping to find the stricken D of E student.

Soon after the teams had been deployed a more accurate location of the party was provided. This location put the group off the path that they should have been on and placed them on Yew Dale fells above White Lady.

The team were soon on scene and the male casualty was treated for his knee injury. The team stretchered the young man down to the Waiting Land Rover and rendezvoused with a ambulance from the North West Ambulance Service. 

In total this call out involved 15team members and lasted just under 4 hours.


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