Torver Common 26th July 2017, 20:38hrs 23/2017


The weather was wet and thunder storms were to be expected in the coming hours.

The team were contacted by Cumbria Police (CUMPOL) who had been alerted by a concerned parent that one of there family members was overdue from there walk in the Coniston fells.

The lone walker was contacted and was able to say that he was safe and well but off track. With help from our SARLOC system ( a text message can be sent to a phone and after following a link, your whereabouts show on our mapping software) the location of the individual was found.

A full team call out was not required though due to the deteriorating weather and the on set off nighttime 3 team members left the base to rendezvous with the missing male.

Once back at base the family was reunited.

This call out was attended by 8 team members and lasted just over 1 1/2 hours.


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