Old Man of Coniston 15th August 2017 20:53hrs 24/2017


It was getting dark and the tops were in cloud.

The team were contacted by Cumbria Police (CUMPOL) to an incident being reported by a fell walker. The walker informed the police that a female walker had lost her children on ascending the Old Man of Coniston. Apparently one of her children had walked on from the main party to reach the summit first. In doing this the family party was separated. The party that was still with the mother decided that they no longer wanted to continue. These children were sent down to wait at Miners Bridge while the mother ascended the fell to find her other child.

In not being able to locate any of her children she became distraught and asked the lone walker to contact the police to say that all her four children were missing.

A full team call out was initiated and various teams were assembled to access the fell top from various routes hoping to find the missing children.

On leaving the base the Team Leader was contacted by CUMPOL to be made aware that the four children had been located in the main car park in Coniston by a fell runner.

The four children were picked up and taken to our base while a team went up to find the mother.

All were reunited at base.

In total this call out involved 12 team members and lasted just over 1 hour.

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