Wetherlam 26th August 2017 17:06hrs 28/2017


It was cool and the cloud was above the summits of the fells.

The team were contacted by Cumbria Police (CUMPOL) to an incident involving a female who had slipped and suffered an ankle injury. Her party had managed to keep her warm and ascertain there position.

A full team call out was initiated and the team vehicles made there way to Levers Water from where we started our walk in. We made our way up Black Sail before traversing round to Wetherlam.

We were soon on scene and able to tend to the casualty.

At base a helicopter from the Coastguard had been requested in order to quickly evacuate the casualty from the summit as light was fading.

Once the helicopter had arrived the casualty was stretchered over to the aircraft and was helped in side by the team and crew.

The helicopter left the scene and the casualty was taken to Furness General Hospital in Barrow for further treatment.

The team left the fell with the casualty party and made there way back to the vehicles at Levers Water.

In total this call out involved 16 personnel and lasted just over 3 hours. 


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