Brim Fell 27th October 2017 09:54hrs 37/2017


The weather was fine.

The team were contacted by Cumbria Police who had been alerted by a member of the public whom had witnessed an incident on the Fell.

A man had been seen falling from a scramble route above Low Water under Brim Fell and was heard calling for help.

Due to the serious nature of the incident a full team call out was initiated. Along with our team we also requested the services of the Coastguard and the Air Ambulance.

The team ascended the fell and were soon on scene with the casualty who had tumbled approximately 100ft. We were met on scene by a doctor and a paramedic from the Air Ambulance.

The casualty was treated for his injuries.

Shortly after our arrival the Coastguard helicopter from Prestwick came in. A Coastguard Paramedic was lowered down and the route of best evacuation was discussed.

It was decided that we would transfer the casualty to the stretcher and he would be winched up into the helicopter. The doctor and paramedic from the Air Ambulance would accompany him on his journey to the hospital in Preston.

After the Coastguard had left the scene the team regrouped and made there way to top of Brim Fell and then carried on over the summit of the Old Man of Coniston before meeting our land rovers at Bursting Stone Quarry.

In total 12 team members attended this rescue which lasted 4 1/4 hours.






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