Tarn Hows, March 18th 2013 12:50hrs (6/2013)


We have had another fall of snow over the weekend but because of the higher temperature it isn’t actually freezing, thus making the ground wet and slippy. This female casualty was walking around Torver Intake behind Tarn Hows when she slipped on the soft wet snow. Unfortunately she fell awkwardly sustaining a very painful injury to her elbow, which was possibly fractured.

Some good torch communication from the knoll by her partner enabled us to locate the casualty. She was given pain relief whilst the arm was put in a splint and sling. Because the landrovers were able to drive within about a  hundred metres the stretcher carry was very short. However, the rough track back down to the road meant that the vehicle had to go quite slow because of the painful nature of the injury.

The Ambulance was already at the base waiting so she was soon on her way to Furness General Hospital.

13 members attended the call out which took 1 ¾ hour.

(And my job today was to look after their dog..couldn’t ask for a better task!!)

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