Three Dubs Tarn

Incident 19 of 2020:-
13/08/2020, 17:08, Three Dubs Tarn, SD379974
Another warm and sunny afternoon in the Lakes. We were called by NW Ambulance Service about a couple of young ladies who had crashed a quad-bike on a track on Claife Heights and were apparently trapped underneath it. A multi-agency response was triggered, and we were asked to assist. All three of our Land Rovers were despatched to the incident.
The two girls’ injuries were assessed, and one casualty was deemed serious enough for a vacuum mattress and stretcher evacuation, and the other’s shoulder was immobilised to prevent further harm. We were fortunate to be assisted by the available helicopter assets of both Great North Air Ambulance Service and HM Coastguard, both of whom provided paramedics to help.
It was finally decided that both casualties could be taken to hospitals by road, so the helicopters departed for other jobs, and we carried one of the casualties down to the road in our converted Land Rover ambulance. The other went with a family member.
The incident took us 2 hrs 40 minutes and involved 15 volunteer team members, plus 3 more from LAMRT, and all the time provided by the air ambulance, HM Coastguard, and the other emergency services.