Grizedale Forest 9th August 2015 14:37hrs 38/2015


The weather was cloudy but mild.

We were tasked to locate a male mountain biker who had reported himself as being totally lost in Grizedale Forest. He had left the main track to follow a lesser used path, but it had become overgrown, and the cyclist had found himself in a heavily forested area, from which he could not find an obvious way out.

Two vehicles entered the Forest from different sides, both of which were making for an area assumed to be containing the gentleman, based on the grid reference he had managed to obtain from his mobile phone. Thanks to identifiable landmarks and his whistle, his whereabouts was ascertained. Once we had met up with him, he was accompanied out of the denseness of the forest and directed on to a good forestry track from where the cyclist was happy to make his way back to the main road.

6 members attended this incident which took 1 ¾ hours.


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