Tilberthwaite Gill

Incident 46 of 2021 16:12 hrs 10.10.21
NY301007 Tilberthwaite
It was a pleasant, mainly sunny afternoon, when Cumbria Police contacted the Team for assistance with an incident where a couple had been walking down from Wetherlam. The female had slipped and suffered an injury to her lower leg and she was unable to weight bear. (This has since been diagnosed as a broken tib and fib, as suspected. )
In a brave effort the husband piggy backed his wife a long way down, accompanied by another couple who had raised the alarm.
The team despatched all 3 Land Rovers and was soon with the party who had made it to the top of Tilberthwaite Ghyll. The lady was given pain relief and her leg was splinted before she was stretchered to the team vehicles. She was taken to our base where she was met by a land ambulance from the North West Ambulance Service for the onward journey to Furness General Hospital in Barrow for further treatment.
14 Volunteer members attended and the incident lasted 2 hrs 7 minutes.