Torver High Common 2nd April 12:30hrs 11/2016


The weather was wet and misty. 

The Team was tasked to find a small walking party who had got lost in mist whilst walking from Torver, and during which a lady had fallen and injured her ankle.   

Fortunately we were able to locate the group by using the SARLOC system which enables us to get a grid bearing via a mobile phone. Although it was very misty the casualty and her party were soon found about 300 metres off the Walna Scar track in an area known as Torver High Common. Her ankle was splinted and she was then carried by stretcher to the land rovers nearly a mile away further down the Walna track. A land ambulance was waiting at the rescue base to take the lady on to Furness General Hospital. 

Three land rovers were deployed and 15 team personnel attended this call out which took 2 1/2 hrs. 


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