Torver Common Wood

Incident 38 of 2022
11/09/22, 13.09, Torver Common Wood, SD298942
On a fine Autumn day, a couple were walking the Cumbria Way and were beside Coniston Water when the gentleman slipped and fell forwards, sustaining several injuries and unable to walk. Cumbria Police asked us to help since there is no road access to that area. We despatched one Land Rover to the National Park’s boating centre, to use their rescue boat as transport, and one Land Rover to get as close as it could, and then its party would walk in.
The boat arrived first, and the casualty was assessed, pain relief given, and wounds cleaned as necessary. He had fractured his thumb but since no major bones were broken, he was helped to the shore and onto the boat. He was taken to a landing stage further up the shore, from where he was to be driven by some people who had kindly stopped to help him to Furness General Hospital for further treatment.
10 volunteer members attended for 1 hour and 40 minutes.