Levers Water 30th April 13:30hrs 18/2016


The weather was warm in the sun but with a cooling breeze. Large patches of melting snow were all around.

Members of the rescue team were marshalling the yearly fell race which was cut short due to the large amount of snow which had fallen the previous day.

The Marshall at levers water was alerted to a lady who had slipped and suffered a severe injury to her wrist.

In order for treatment to be given the police were contacted and a incident log was created. The casualties wrist was splinted and placed in a sling and Entonox was given for pain relief.

The casualty was taken to the base for further treatment and then taken to the ambulance at Torver for her onward journey to Furness General at Barrow.

A total of 6 team members dealt with this rescue which took a couple of hours.


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