Buck Pike 23rd May 12:45hrs 21/2016

Buck Pike

The weather was warm in the valley but a cool wind blew on the tops.

The team were alerted to an incident between Buck Pike and Dow Crag where a lady had slipped and badly injured her ankle. A full team call out was initiated and the team set out.

The incident location is quite a way from where we can get to from our vehicles. We are able to get to the first rock gateway on the Walna Scar track but from there it is on foot.

The first team left with first aid, casualty bag and stretcher and made out to the casualty site while other team members made their way to the base.

NWAS made their awareness known on our SARCALL system and presented us with the possibility of the use of a Helimed for the evacuation of the casualty. Due to the distance of the casualty from our vehicles and the good weather the helicopter was called upon.

The first team got to the casualty and treated her for injury and then put her in the casualty bag on the stretcher, ready for transportation to the helicopter.

The casualty was checked over again by the Helimed paramedics before being flown to Furness General Hospital.

In total 15 team members helped with this rescue which lasted 3 hours


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