Walna Scar 15:30hrs 5th January (1/2013)



Well, last year we averaged one incident a week and we have started early for 2013.

We were called to the assistance of two walkers who had ascended Coniston Old Man. Unfortunately they had left their map & compass at home which meant that when the mist came down, they could not navigate easily off the mountain. However they seemed to know roughly where they were and decided to descend.

The walkers were safely located on the Walna Scar track, a wide good track which runs from behind Coniston, below the Old Man, to Seathwaite in the Duddon Valley. They were taken by landrover back to their vehicles.

Due to the nature of the incident, ie. experienced walkers who knew the area and were already making their way off the mountain, a full call out was not instigated. 5 team members attended and it took 1 ½ hours.

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